Thailand Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Master Plan (2002-2006)

By strategically linking to IT 2010 and the Ninth National Economics and Social Development Plan, the ICT Master Plan provides guidelines for the country to reap the benefits of Information and Communication Technology in order to strengthen the nation’s competitiveness as well as to enhance the quality of life of the citizens.

The National ICT Master Plan envisions Thailand to become the regional center for ICT development and business, in particular for software technology. Besides, it aims to provide entrepreneurs and citizens with equitable access to information. Direct benefits of ICT are manifested throughout the Thai economy, adding value to products and services of every sector, including ICT sector, as well as strengthening their competitiveness in the global market. ICT becomes instrumental in the enhancement of Thai quality of life as country moves towards a Knowledge-based Society.


June-27-2016 13:10