NECTEC researchers were Thailand representatives to present on “AI on Energy Security, Agriculture, Cyber Security” and “AI for Agriculture”


The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) of Indonesia convened the ASEAN Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for the 4th Industrial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence Implementation on Energy Security, Agriculture, Cyber Security, and Creative Industry during 23-24 November 2022 via Zoom.

The purposes of this workshop were to produce an ASEAN Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence research and development, increase awareness and responsiveness of the ASEAN community in the use of AI technology in the fields of Energy Security, Agriculture, Cyber Security, and Creative Industry.

In this connection, Dr.Montida Pattaranantakul and Dr.Sanparith Marukatat were speakers in the workshop.

Dr.Montida Pattaranantakul, Researcher, Information Security Research Team (SEC), Communication and Networks Research Group (CNWRG), presented  “Knowledge sharing by AMS on the key learning, experiences and policies on developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence on Energy Security, Agriculture, Cyber Security, and Creative Industry”  

Dr.Sanparith Marukatat, Image Processing and Understanding (IPU) Research Team Leader, Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AINRG), presented “Rice Disease Line Bot” under the theme Artificial Intelligence Implementation on Agriculture. 

Rice Disease Line Bot

Rice Disease Line Bot has been developed with artificial intelligence technique to create an intelligent system for diagnose and advice on rice disease control that can be conveniently operated via a mobile application. This system uses photo-analysis of symptoms and artificial intelligence as tools for diagnose, monitor, and advise on rice disease prevention

This workshop was conducted in an online platform and interactive sessions to share experiences and insights into the development and utilization of the science, technology, and innovation of the Artificial Intelligence in order to enhance a “Future Regional Concept Paper on a Joint Research of the Artificial Intelligence in the ASEAN community”.