The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) was established on 16 September 1986 under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy (the former name of Ministry of Science and Technology). On 30 December 1991, following the enactment of the Science and Technology Development Act of 1991, NECTEC was transformed into a national technology center under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, NECTEC is a statutory government organisation with its main responsibilities of under taking, supporting and promoting the research and development of electronics and computer technologies. NECTEC also provides linkage between research communities and industries through the established industrial clusters and programmes.


To be the foundation for advanced electronics and information technology development in Thailand.


  • To build technology foundation for the country.
  • To foster the development of technology ecosystem together with our strategic alliances.
  • To get ready for the development of frontier technology.


  • Ready to be proud “TOGETHER”.


  1. Become excellence by differentiating and applying our research products and technologies to real practices.
  2. Focus on 8 target output profiles: strategic big data, precision farming, smart factory, strategic sensor process and device, AI service, smart city, science education, and digital wellness.
  3. Continually allocate proper resources for the development of frontier technology.
  4. Communicate strategic plans to all levels of the organization and stakeholders.