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This web page is still under construction. It will take a very long time to complete the process of putting all of my existing publications on this web site.  However, I will do my best in updating this web page with new additions.
Read the Thai version to see a more complete listing.

Papers and Articles

2002 (Dec 14)

National Information Policy of Thailand A Keynote Lecture by Thaweesak Koanantakool at the UNESCO APIN-WSIS Meeting (Asia-Pacific Information Network, World Summit on Information Society Preparation), Tara Hotel, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, December 11-15, 2002.  Download PDF presentation (2.2MB).

2002 (Nov 20)

Thailand ICT and e-Commerce Strategies By Thaweesak Koanantakool, a presentation at the Joint UNCTAD-UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Electronic Commerce Strategies for Development, United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok, November 20-22, 2002.  Download PDF presentation (2MB), PDF summary presentation (0.7MB)

2002 (Nov 6)

Government Policies with Implications on Thailand Microelectronics Industry -  Keynote Speech by Dr.Thaweesak Koanantakool at the Cadence Technology Seminar, Regent Hotel, Bangkok, Nov 6, 2002.  Download PDF presentation (1.9MB).

2002 (July 3)

National ICT Policy in Thailand and e-Government A presentation in the Policy Issues Session by Dr.Thaweesak koanantakool at the APEC High-Level Symposium on e-Government, Seoul, Korea, July 3, 2002.   Download PDF presentation (831KB).

2002 (June 7)

New Emerging Security Trends By Thaweesak Koanantakool,An Opening/Keynote lecture for SVOA/NetScreen/ACERT Seminar on High-Performance IT Security Technology and Digital Certificate Trends, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, , download PDF presentation file (2.26 MB).

2002 (March 25)

National ICT Policy in Thailand By Chadamas Thuvasethakul and Thaweesak Koanantakool,A paper presented at the Asia-Africa Workshop on Promoting Cooperation in ICT Development, Kuala Lampur (UNDP/APDIP) , download the paper in PDF format (470KB), and the presentation in PDF format (608KB).

2002 (March 5)

The Development of ICT in Thailand By Thaweesak koanantakool, presented at the APRICOT 2002, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand.  Download PDF presentation (1.4MB).

2001 (Dec 21)

Application of School Network for the Education Reform - Presentation at the Southern SchoolNet Day, Songkla. - Download PDF file (3.7MB, Thai).

2001 (Dec 13)

IT Frauds - Presentation at Asia Business Forum Conference on IT Fraud Detection and Prevention. Dec 13-14, 2001. Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sukumvit Road. - Download PDF file (1.7MB).

2001 (Nov 30)

eThailand Update for 2002 Public seminar at Siam City Hotel, November 30, 2001. Review of the eThailand initiative, our progresses and its relation with the development of National ICT Plan and the IT2010 Policy Framework. Download PDF file (2.01MB, Thai).

2001 (Nov 25)

National ICT Planning Orientation workshop for stakeholders. This is an introductory presentation. It outlines the evolution of IT2000 and IT2010, and discuss the contents of "National ICT Planning Toolkit CD-ROM electronic library". - Download PDF file (2.12MB, Thai)_

2001 (May 10)

Thailands eGovernment Project A presentation given at the Asia-Europe IT&C Seminar, 10-11 May, 2001, The Sofitel Central-Plaza Hotel, Bangkok. - Click to read, or download PDF file.


Digital Divide, Digital Opportunities, and Digital Inclusion Issues.  I have attended many international fora related to the world problem on information disparity which are enlarged due to the digital technology.  This is known as Digital Divide.  ICT will certainly push the developed societies faster and faster ahead of under-developed economies. The developed economies are suggested to do something to make sure that the digital opportunities are also accessible by underdeveloped economies.  There are two articles which I contributed:

2000 (Dec. 7-8)

Introducing the e-Thailand Initiative A keynote speech given at the WAINS-7 Advanced Information System and Networks: E-Business for the New Millennium, Kasetsart University, Bangkok Thailand, December 7-8, 2000. Click to read, or download PDF file.


2000 (Nov. 21)

Two papers presented at the 14th Asian Forum for the Standardization of Information Technology, 20-24 November 2000, Puteri Pan Pacific Hotel, Jahor Bahru, Malaysia:

Experience of Thailand on standardization of information Technology, Click to read, or download PDF file.

Standardization Activities in Thailand, Click to read, or download PDF file.


2000 (Nov. 16)

SMEs of Thailand: Raising the chance of success A presentation given at the PECC Asia-Pacific Information Technology Summit, 15-17 November, 2000. Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, California, USA.  View the latest version,  view the draft at the  PECCs website.

2000 (May 29)

Struggling Towards a Knowledge-based Economy By Thaweesak Koanantakool, NECTEC Technical Journal, Vol.2 No. 8, July-October 2000. download pdf file (82KB).

2000 (May 29)

Thailand at the Dawn of the New Economy By Thaweesak Koanantakool and Chadamas Thuvasethakul, An invited article for the Bangkok Post Database 11th Anniversary, Click to read, or download Word97 file

2000 (May 24)

Thailand Information Technology Environment 2000 - A special talk at the Miller Freeman's Breakfast Meeting, The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore.
Click to read, or download Word97 PowerPoint files.

2000 (April)

Decreasing the Social Gap Through IT: The Information Technology Project under the Initiatives of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn By Chadamas Thuvasethakul and Thaweesak Koanantakool

1999 (April)

Getting Ready for the New Millennium - Major Government IT Projects in Thailand. Published in the Bangkok Post Economic Review, 1999.


IT Projects into the Future - National IT Projects in Thailand. Published in the Bangkok Post Economic Review, 1997.


IT Standard for Multilingual Global Information Infrastructure , and the Contry Report - MLIT'97 Conference Singapore.


The role of Internet and Thailand IT Year 1995 - Bangkok Post Jan 15, 1995.




In the process of adding them into this web page



EPROM simulator eases firmware development Electronic Product Design, September 1980, UK.  This article was awarded the design of the year.


Implementation of ternary identity cells using c.m.o.s. integrated circuits - Electronics Letters, IEE, Vol. 14, No. 15, 20th July 1978


My first published article in UK.Full page. Enlarged. Wireless World, UK, December 1971.


Online Presentations


Lecture in Thai language: Thailand: The Electronic Transactions Act. 㹧ҹ "ҷͧҳԪ硷͹ԡҤԹ øҤ Сŧع" ѹ 12 áҤ 2543 úǢ ¾ҳԪ硷͹ԡ ͧѺѹҧ
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Charts and Diagrams


Internet Map August 1997


Internet Map August 1995



Internet Information Resource Center, - jointly with NECTEC staff


Thailand Mass Media, - jointly with NECTEC staff


Thailand IT Standards, - With Dr.Chularat Khunasaraphan and Theppitak Karoonboonyanan


Thailand the Big Picture, jointly with Trin Tantsetthi (1993-1996), Supachoke Jantrapratin


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