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The Internet Index of Thailand
  Report date: 1999/11/02 unless stated otherwise. sources
15 commercial Internet service providers

4 non-commercial Internet hubs

2 domestic Internet exchanges

112.75 Mbps total international bandwidth [source] (1999/11/08)
800,000 Internet users (NECTEC own estimate) [source] (1999/09)
64,988 Internet hosts under .th top-level domain. [source] (1999/11/11)
3,186 Internet domains under .th [source] (1999/11/11)
4,512 class-C IP numbers. [source] (1999/11/02)
45 Autonomous systems [source] (1999/11/02)
145.9 Gigabyte of data circulate in PIE each day (28.326 Mbps) [source] (1999/11/08)
17.0 Gigabytes of data served by PubNet daily (FTP+Cache) [source] (1999/11/11)

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Total International Bandwidth

IP number assignment

Public Internet Exchange Traffic Volume


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